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One of the major functions of The Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO), is to maintain a Registry comprised of all known cases in which ECLS was performed. Over 170 centers from around the world have contributed data to the Registry. Currently, there are over 45,000 cases in the Registry including over 27,000 newborns, 9,000 children, and 2,500 adults with respiratory and cardiac failure. These data are used by the individual centers for quality assurance purposes and for clinical decision making regarding the use of ECLS. Aggregate data are evaluated to enhance extracorporeal support technology and to advance the technique of ECLS. All data are confidential and have no related patient identifiers.


In this section you can download PDF versions of what data is collected using the online data entry system, get information on how to request data from the ELSO Registry as well as view/download equipment lists and support documents.

ELSO Centers - the deadline to submit your case reports is January 8th, 2012.  We have extended the deadline this year due to the delay in the online data submission project.


To signify that a record is complete and should be included in your center data use the “Completed By” field which can be found on the last page of the run information.  Leave this field blank if the record is not yet ready to be included.  Enter a name when you are ready to have this run counted.  The name used is the one ELSO can contact for questions on the run.  Treat this field as your “Submit to ELSO” button.

Please review the records you have previously entered using the online data entry system to be sure the “Completed By” field has a name if you are ready to submit and does NOT have a name if the data is not ready to submit.  To see all your records click on “ELSO Registry” on the left hand side of the screen.

Remember a record becomes locked one month after you enter the data for the first time.  If you need to unlock any records please just let ELSO know. 

We will shortly be updating the application to fix the below known problems.
1) The age computation in certain circumstances displays “year” instead of “month”.  The data is correct, the algorithm to display the age has a typo.
2) If you try to reset a password where the user is locked out the application will crash.  Workaround – first unlock the user and then reset the password.
3) When entering a CPT procedure code more than once but with different date/times the system won’t allow it.  No workaround is available but will be fixed with the next release.
If for some reason the system does crash please hit the “back” key on your browser and do a screen shot.  This will help ELSO determine what caused the error.